Tom is a highly skilled and multifaceted professional with a diverse background encompassing web development, photography, and a vibrant personality that brings a sense of fun and creativity to his work. His journey into the world of programming commenced in 2005 when he sought refuge from secondary school pressures in the captivating realm of web development.

He vividly recalls a formative experience during this early period, wherein he ingeniously procured a copy of dreamweaver-32 Macromedia Dreamweaver MX onto his first USB flash memory drive from a school computer—an anecdote that reflects both his resourcefulness and curiosity.

Sixteen years later, Tom has taught himself various skills including React, consumption and construction of APIs, and fundamental design principles. If he had to label himself, he'd probably choose front–end developer.

His first true hobby was photography—he prefers natural light sources and is very particular regarding the composition of his images.

Driven by a passion for collaborative work, Tom finds immense joy in joining forces with others to craft innovative and captivating digital experiences that leave a lasting impression on users. His commitment to creating exciting new ventures is evident in the projects he undertakes, each one brimming with the ingenuity and dedication that set him apart as a consummate professional.

Caffeine is a staple of his diet and he depends on Halo's various video game soundtracks in order to reach his maximum potential while machining semantic HTML and efficient ECMAScript functions.

Tom can be reached at outlook-32.png [email protected]

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