Benjamin Donnelly
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    • 2023

Portfolio for an industrial designer and concept artist with an emphasis on high resolution, full screen imagery, breakdowns of concepts, and explorations of projects.

This was my second Next.js project, after recreating my own portfolio, and I really enjoyed how rapidly I could take a generic single page app and enable features like server side rendering.


Ben and I collaborated over the design, which was fun as he is exceedingly proficient in design and its principles. Working together to see how we could translate his design to a responsive web site was interesting.

Ben's design has a set of layout principles which determine the primary columns for content, aligning them with the page header to create consistency and visual calm.

The design has two common elements, a small cover image and section headers. These elements are shared between all aspects of the web site.


Project Items

Project item pages detail the project, categorise it, and note the tools used to complete it. The major component of project item pages high resolution, full screen images.