With 2020 vision

Look, it's been a time. A lot of the things have done happened. Today, I'd like to focus on a single event.

So, I use a headless content management system called Directus which I host from a DigitalOcean Droplet.

I decided that I wanted to update it to the latest version, but I didn't realise there'd be so many breaking changes (they weren't communicated well). Needless to say, I ended up in a position where I needed to remove some directories and their contents.

Now, rm -rf is not the bad guy, but I forgot to backup all of the uploaded files associated with the hosted web sites. I deleted everything.

This isn't the first time it's happened. Last time, I had no backups to lean on as I hadn't enabled them.

To my delight, I opted to enable backups for my primary Droplet, after the last disaster, for a small fee. Backups are made weekly and retained for a few weeks before being deleted. These backups can be instantly converted to snapshots. With a snapshot, one can spin up an additional Droplet, based upon it.

Okay, cool, I have the files, but they're on the wrong server. As a programmer, I have a professional web search certification, which enabled me to divine the solution (Googled it): scp -r /path/to/my/files [email protected]:/path/on/remote/droplet.

scp is linux utility, whose name apparently stands for secure copy. It's based on SSH and was a delight to use.

So in summary, I really appreciate the Recycle Bin ― it's an important aspect of my workflow.